I've gone on two dates with a married but separated woman.

The way she acts with me on dates I think she really likes me. But whenever it comes to us getting really close she pulls away and starts acting like we are friends. I've never been confused about a girl like this before. My instinct tells me she likes me, but her marriage is causing her to act strange.

I've never dated a married and separated woman before. Or even a divorced woman. SO if anyone could give me some insight I would be eternally grateful. I really like her.


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  • I just got divorced in January, so maybe I can help give you some insight. If she has gone out on a few dates with you then she does probably like you, but getting out of a marriage is a very complicated thing. Everything that she thought she knew is changing. I do not know the reason for her divorce but mine was that my ex was an alcoholic, and he was abusive to me. I know that the last thing in the world I want to do right now is to jump into anything serious. I also do not want to be hurt. I am putting myself first right now. I am working out, going to school, and holding a job. She is most likely trying to do the same. I think she is probably hurt about the falling apart of her marriage, and confused about her feelings for you. If you like her please take things slow and give her time. Do not rush her into defining how she feels about you. Good luck.


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