Need advice from girls: What should I do for a First Date under unusual circumstances?

So I was at some kind of birthday, and as you do, got slightly drunk. But not out of control drunk. And so I was talking to this girl and we ended up sleeping together and all.

After the amazing intercourse we were confiding things. She confided to me that she sort of likes me and so on. But also she told me that she isn't the romantic type cause of being scarred in the past by some idiot.

We decided to meet up on Thursday to see how things go and to keep it relaxed and so on.

She also was like "you know you'll probably forget in the morning and be like why did I sleep with her, but that's alright if you do". It obviously isn't alright but she seemed to be trying to play it cool or something. confusing!

Anyways after the moment of intimacy we slept together and then in the morning, it was indeed slightly awkward but mostly cause we were both in a horrible hangover and she went into the bathroom when the Taxi came over to collect me. So I didn't even get to say goodbye to her =(.

So I texted her a nice long text saying I didn't forget the night before and said that she is truly beautiful and also asked if she wants to still meet up on tuesday.

the answer was "haha cheers. Aye that should be grand :D"

She exchanged a couple more texts, me answering the last one which she never really responded to ("so you never told me what you work as! Yeah I'm also still quite hungover and hungry hah =D")...

First of all, should I be concerned she hasn't texted me back?

Why would you not answer a text? or would you just not answer to it cause you don't think it's really one to answer? (why do you think she didn't answer).

Yup, please do tell me if I'm overreacting on a small detail... but I think to much and I get worked up about things because of that... I wish I could be ignorant about some thing ha ha (ignorance is bliss)

Secondly, Should I wait till she gives first contact to arrange tuesday? or should I arrange it with her and phone her tomorrow?

And what do you think would suit a first day going out with someone like her? I mean... if she isn't so much the romantic type... what do you think would be fun? I'm thinking bowling, ice skating or something like that...

Just give me general advice about the situation as I am clearly genuinely interested in her but haven't a clue how to handle it ! haha

Thanks in Advance =)


Ill call her tomorrow morning and try to plan something for us to do and talk to her and get to know her. I hope I can make her realize I'm not like the others and that I do care. =P


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  • it sounds like there's some hidden insecurity from her past, which is why she's possibly playing a little hard to get. I wouldn't worry too much about it, cos she seems in to you. my advice is to wait a day or two, that way she'll be even more glad when you do arrange something cos you made her wait for it;) it always works for me when a guy stops acting interested for a while, I think it's like that with a lot of girls.

    she also seems like the cool relaxed type, so somethin like bowling. or you could invite her to your place- JUST to watch a movie, and suggest you cook stuff together. it's actually really hot to see a guy cook ;)

    • Love the advice! Though We've already decided to meet up Tuesday but haven't planned anything. Should I stop texting her or so to seem less interested?

      And if I stop acting interested, won't she loose interest thinking I've lost it towards her?

    • I think wait til she texts you ;) but if she doesn't until say late tomorrow night or Tuesday morning, then text her and arrange something.

      and no, personally I don't think she'd lose interest if you pretended to, so long as you don't leave it too long. just enough to keep her guessing if you know what I mean ;)

    • Okidoki! Ill give it a try. Ill obviously answer if she texts first.

      As for cooking idea, I lov it though I will have to another week. The house is pretty busy this week... Ill take her on a picnic or sonething. if you fid a nice idea, I'm open to suggestion.

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  • I would say do not overthink things. If you are concerned that she hasn't texted back, wait for a couple of hours and then send a text asking how she's doing or something simple like that. The last text you sent wasn't really much of question. Also, when she said that you might forget about things, it shows a little insecurity on her side and from my experience, girls do not get insecure like that if they don't like someone. She is definitely into you so I say relax, breathe and try to do other things so you won't constantly keep looking at your phone to see if she has called or texted.

    As for your date, I find it awfully romantic if a guy does something nice for me. He actually made me dinner once, ignored my attempts to help clean up gave me a nice massage afterward. Until now, I still think about it. I know she is not the romantic type because of what happened to her in the past but girls love to be pampered and spoiled so I would suggest to do something like that. Not being romantic does not constitute not giving the deserved attention to the girl that you like. I personally think what she meant was she's not into texting, or saying "I miss you" or "Been thinking about you". I've been in a similar situation like you, that is, I have asked my guy why he hasn't texted or called me and he said he's not the "romantic" type. But he does other things to make me feel loved.

    Lastly, if you are going to sleep together, please do not do so with alcohol in your system. You will find it a much more rewarding experience.

    • Yup, thanks allot for the advice. I do not plan to use alcohol for sleeping. It was just the flow of the other night that ended up like that.

  • If she told you she likes should totally go for it and ask her, she's probably trying to play hard to get with the text because of her past but come on! if a girl tells you she's likes you, she's expecting you do something...make a date! good luck :)


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