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The Rob Saga continues: update?

So him and his kids come over and stay the night. We had sex last and he initiated sex this morning so we did it again.
I ask how his morning is going and this is what his reply was:
Hey in my normal voice, I'm just trying to reiterate what I've been saying but not doing very well at that we can not be intimate anymore... I also want to reiterate that I don't want to loose your friendship... as long as I'm single or in-between being single and you are too I absolutely will hangout I have a lot of fun when we do but it can't be in a way that it is mis-leading coming over isn't a problem but it always leads to intimacy and I just feel like we aren't on the same page and I don't want to hurt you yes I understand that you would like an us and that is disappointing in itself but to continue intamcy on a regular basis is too misleading and I don't want to be enemies.
How can we be friends? How do I act at softball, we are on the same team?
Where does this go or not go? How can I just act normal around him? Pretend I dont care?
I hate this!!
The Rob Saga continues: update?
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