If he stops talking to me is he worth my time?

So I joined this dating site a few weeks back just to see what was out there and if I could meet anyone in my local area. Oddly enough the day after I joined someone messaged me and I realized I knew who the guy was. He was my friends older brother. Though he didn't know who I was since the last time I saw him was when I was a lot younger and I only saw his sister at church. He's 26 and I'm 20 so its easy to understand he wouldn't remember me. So anyway we talked online and hit it off pretty well and we exchanged numbers.

We eventually met up and had a great date and he texted me 2 days after the date asking if I had a good time and if I still wanted to hang out. I of course said I'd love to and he told me he would be out of town with family on the weekend so asked if I could meet before. I told him when I could and told him to let me know when he picked the place and he said great.

So I was tired that day because I was running a lot of errands in the morning so I took a nap and had my phone near me if he texted. He didn't until later and asked me what I was doing etc then an hour later he says "Aren't we supposed to hang out today?" in which I replied yes I've been home waiting for you to tell me what place we were to meet, sorry I didn't realize you were waiting for me to text you and he just goes "uhuh" then we didn't talk until he came back when I texted him and he texted me saying he had just landed back home and the conversation sort of died off. I waited for him to text me the rest of the week and he never did.

It's been about a week now, does this mean he's lost interest in me and I should just move on? Before the whole incident he texted me everyday and different parts of the day. I'm really confused and really like this guy. He doesn't seem angry about our messed up 2nd date plans. I just want to know if I should move on or not, thanks!

So he finally ended up texting me after 3 weeks of not talking, which is also the day I left before college. I told him I was leaving and he said we could hang out some other time. Is he still interested or just playing me? he's super social by the way!


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  • Since its been a week...have you tried texting him to see what's up? Ask him to see if he is free to hang out(If he declines and yet makes NO effort to try to arrange another hang out, then its done...move on to the next guy). The guy could be super busy. But it is funny how he contacted you so much then all of sudden it died. That could be a very bad sign. Either way, find out yourself and reach out to him.

  • It sounds like he panicked, or he thinks you're potentially clingy since you waited for him the whole day. Since he hasn't texted you for a week, I'd start looking for someone else. However, there is a possibility he got busy.


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