Is height a problem?

I'm 6'4". Do girls find it unattractive when, in a man, when he is so much larger than they are? I know the average height for a girl is 5'4". I am of average build but generally considered quite strong, I have a black beard, and sometimes considered intimidating. Where do girls draw the line? Girls, what is your preference?

I will never lose my beard. It is apart of me. I wouldn't ask you to shave your head! I don't think I'm intimidating, I've just been told I come across that way.


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  • I'm 5'2 and I've dated as tall as 6'5. I don't mind it as long as he doesn't. It seems more attractive to me when he's bigger anyway.


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  • I've always been attracted to guys who are much taller than me. I'm 5'7'' so if I wear 3 inch heels I still want him to be taller than me!

  • For God's sake, get rid of the beard. You're not an old man yet. I'm a tall girl and wouldn't mind dating a taller guy. If you think you look too intimidating and that's why you're not getting dates, change what you can to look more approachable.


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