Is it wrong for us to kiss?

OK so my best friend is a guy and we have had feeling for each other before but I was wondering is it wrong to kiss him like ever time I see him. He's my best friend and we aren't even going out it this wrong of us to do?


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  • Well actually it's not wong. You two have to live with your decision to kiss each other.

    In Italy they're also kissing everyone who is a bit closer to them (well but just on the cheeks). I think in Turkey, too.

    So just keep on doing this. Maybe it will be a bit problematic if one of you feel more than friendship or one of you get girl/boyfriend. But if I understand 'we have feelings for each other' correctly I think you two are almost in love, aren't you?

    • I think we just kiss for fun!!!!! ha ha out best friend relationship is complicated

    • Haha then it's also okay. I see often girls kissing each other. Why not girls and boys just because of friendship? ^^ But then you should be carefull about the 'get a girl/boyfriend' part ;-D

    • I lived in a place where everyone kisses everyone when they meet- guys girls w/e no problem :)

      I did lots of ducking lol

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  • if you don't have a problem with it and he doesn't so why not?

    It's the third part you have to worry about like if a guy likes you and seeing you doing that you know what I mean.

    • Ya I geuss ha ha but me and him only kiss when its just uss around

  • And girls wonder why guys get p*ssed that there BEST friend is a guy...LOL

    • Lol ya but I am one of the few girls that does that with there best friend haha

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