What does it mean when she stops texting /calling?

So I've been seeing this girl now for about 2 months. Everything has been going absolutely fantastic. Up until about 2 weeks ago that is. We talked/hung out pretty much every day or every couple days, and always had great conversations, and fun together. But all of the sudden, she now won't return any of my calls, or texts and has pretty much started ignoring me. I have sent her texts, not all the time, about every 2 days or so, and have just not heard anything back. I did finally break down and ask if she was upset w me or something, or ignoring me, and all I heard back was that she wasn't angry. But still beyond that point, there have been no replies to any form of communication that I try to initiate. Is it time for me to just walk away? Or is there something else going on here? PLEASE HELP!


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  • I really understand what you are going through cause the same thing is happening to me..well almost.. I also asked for advice and many people told me to not look desperate. You have the right to know what the hell happened to her! so I think you should try to call once again and ask her to please let you know what is going on, if she doesn't answer leave her a message and then wait to see if she responds, if she doesn't I guess you will have to interpret her silence but at least you will move on knowing you were sincere and a gentleman until the very end.


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  • Sounds like she may have met someone else and doesn't know how to tell you or something...if she isn't going to tell you it's def time to walk away!

  • She sounds like she doesn't want you anymore or got bored.

    She gave you a hint which is "iam not interested".

    Don't waste your time

    running after her.

    Find better girls,she's not the only girl in this world.

    Yes walk away at the end she will think that you're stalking her if you kept calling her and texting.

    Gd luck.


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