Msn/fb chat vs texting. Which do you prefer?

For chatting or flirting with someone do you prefer to use online messaging or texting?


Would you alternate between both?


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  • alternate. My boyfriend and I talk on MSN at night but in the monings when were at work/uni he text msg's "good morning beautiful" and calls evry 2nd day...we use the whole range of technologies. it doesn't matter which you use as long as she knows your thinking of her

    although MSN is good for continious chat cause text can become expensive

  • I prefer to switch off between facebook chatting and texting. It's exciting to see the guy you like's name pop up on your chat every now and then. I wouldn't text her every day though. I think it makes it more exciting when you're wondering when he's going to text you and if he is, and then when he does it makes it so much more exhilarating.


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