He's the one hanging out with strippers all night, telling me he loves me?

Okay. So first of all, I'm retarded.

Anyways.. my ex has been trying to talk to me for the longest time... finally I was sick of him blowing up my phone, so we talked... everything was finally NORMAL. and okay. No drama, or anything. So we were talking and we haven't seen each other in a long time... and a lot has happened, so I figured we could hang out.

I ask him, he thinks its awesome. we plan for Saturday, to hang out later at night (cause its hot here) and it'll all be cool.

The night before, was his birthday. So.. I called him in the morning, and he didn't answer, then he called me later, and I was working, but he left a message bitched at me for not saying happy birthday, which was weird... but whatever. THEN I call him later at night to see if everything was still good (ya know so I could get everything clear with the parentals) and he's like "I can't talk to you, I'm at a strip club." Which is cool, whatever, go strippers.. but don't be rude, especially when you have been flirting up a storm with ME. So... Saturday comes along.. and I figured he had been out late, I'm not calling in the morning. its way too early... So, I go to work, come home.. next thing I know its 6 pm... no word from him. Then he texted me at 11 pm. saying he was at work. (he works at a terribles, okay... he changes oil. its not like he's a mechanic.) Which was stupid.. because we were planning on hanging out AFTER work. work didn't interfere with anything... and his response to all this is "I'm so sorry baby. I was at work, and yeah." Then I got p*ssed. He started telling me that I was getting mad and I needed to calm down. Meanwhile he's the one hanging out with strippers all night, telling me he loves me, getting mad for "not" calling him... and blahblahblah.

Would anyone else give a sh*t meter be running out? Cause I gotta be honest, I'm really starting to hate his guts right now.


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  • Actions speak louder than words. he tells you he loves you because he knows that's what a girl wants to hear. but all his ACTIONS show that he is just doing him and not really having your best interests at heart. he is living his life and putting him as #1 and being selfish. so don't wait on this guy and do you!

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