My ex calls me & hang out with me, but she acts like she just wants to be my friend, I don't know what to do?

Me & my girl been dating for 11 months. I've been an amazing boyfriend & she been a great girlfriend too, I always treat her like a queen, never cheated or lied (maybe a little lie but never something big). 2 months ago we had a big argument & she told me that she wanted to break up kuz it wasn't the same anymore she felt different about me & that she wasn't in love with me. She said she love me a lot & care about me but that she didn't feel in love with me. I accepted & didn't talk to her after that.

she hit me up 4 days after saying that she misses me & that she wanted to talk to me. We had a talk & fixed it but after that I got too comfortable again in the relationship & some of the mistakes I was making before I did them again (such as arguing a lot) we had problems during the month that we made up but most of them because I started it.

she was mad at me because I overreacted, we were suppose to qo to a party but I didn't qo for the fact that she didn't want to be close to me but I went my own way & went to another party & didn't tell her. She found out over facebook & she was heated & broke up with me again I tried to fix it but she told me she didn't want to jump into something kuz at that point she didn't want to be in a relationship to qive her time. during the break she went on a 3 weeks vacation to her dad's in california, still we'd talk on the phone & stuffs. I went out with my friends a couple times & came home almost at 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. she didn't like it & she felt like I was doing all that kuz she was away but honestly I wasn't & durinq that time I never did anything wrong but she didn't trust me. I stopped haginq out to show her that I was being honest with her but she saw pics on facebook & she qot jelous, I explained myself after that she made an account on twitter behind my back to see what I was up to but I don't even use my twitter but 1 day I was tellinq one of my friends to stop postinq pics of me on facebook & this happen to be a female friend but they know each other but my girl flipped out on me & started thinkinq that I was hiding stuffs from her & this let us to a break up. I explained myself again but she didn't trust me she didn't want to talk to me at all.

she came bak from cali a day before our anniversary & the reason was kuz she wanted to celebrate it but we ended up breaking up before it. I tried to fix everything but she told me to give her time kuz she didn't want to qo back to the same stuff that right now she doesn't feel like she wanna be in it that lets see in the future.

im giving her time I didn't talked to her for a week but now she's hittinq me up & we hang out & stuff but she doesn't show any emotions nor kiss me & every time I bring the subject up she tell me the same thinq to give her time, the other day I saw a text message from a number no name & it said "hey hun" so I feel like she's talking to someone else & she's using me to be close & To be friends I don't know if that's what it is or she just trying to get bak with me slowly?


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  • maybe she is using you just to feel the "warmth of having someone near?"

    cant really find the word.. closeness? nearness?

    but sure I might be totally wrong but it's sounds familiar..

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