Guys, how do you feel about stay at home moms?

I'm a stay at home mom and it is stressful and it difficult to keep the house clean. I feel like the mom in this picture.Guys, how do you feel about stay at home moms?


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  • It's a great idea. Think about it, your kids will be kids only for a short time so you might as well enjoy your kids while you can. Besides who would you rather raise your kids a you or stranger?


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  • I have no issue at all with stay-at-home Moms. In fact, I think that is the best way to raise children, to have one of the parents stay home instead of sending the kids to daycare where they don't get to form really close attachments to their parent (s).

    That said, it is really hard in today's economy to pull it off. If I made enough money to raise a kid or two with my salary, it would be fine, but unfortunately I don't. Most couples have to pool their resources just to afford rent/mortgage, go on vacations, go on dates, etc.

    I personally would be willing to sacrifice a bit of my lifestyle to raise a family on my salary at alone and allow my partner to stay at home. Or we could try a situation where she is stay at home for the children's pre-teen years but pick up a job once there is some breathing room.

    The main problem with this is that so many women are ambitious now. Nothing wrong with that, and in fact, I'd say that is probably for the best in this economy. It also makes women less dependent if the relationship goes sour, which seems too happen all too frequently.

  • I have tremendous respect for stay at home moms, because it is a very difficult decision to make for women in current time since the third wave feminism trivialize and vilify stay at home moms.

    And it is stressful and difficult to keep the house clean when ask the other tasks ate taken into consideration 😊

  • i don't see any problem with it. if i made enough money or my wife made enough money that we could live a the life we want with one person not working i'd encourage us to do so or at least drastically reduce the hours we work

    having a parent at home with children is great for nurturing, save money on childcare, etc

  • That's why I have the the most respect for them, and when you hear people like, (political opinions aside) Hillary Clinton saying she could have stayed home and bake cookies like being a stay at home mum is easy.

    My SO's dream is to be a stay at home mum and I have crazy respect for her because of it.

  • I think I am fine with stay at home moms for the choice they have made or they have being able to choose to stay at home - In the dating sense, I place no limits on the people I date by their career/lifestyle choice and look at their individual issues rather than class them as a group

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  • I am a partial-stay-at home mom, I only work 3 days a week and have the rest for my kiddo and I wouldn't have it any other day. I do work long hours so the days I do work is hard but oh well having 4 days of with my kiddo is worth it

    • I can relate. I work two days, and the other five I spend at home with my daughter.

    • Yes :) I used to work 2 days a week I loved it. But then I went to 3 days more money

    • I'm salary, so I do a lot of my work from home. :) But I definitely understand the need

  • I don't feel anything of the sorts, I would do it at one point, but not forever I feel. Its a hard job I bet, shouldn't be looked down upon, and if the household can survive off of the sole provider then why not! Its only responsible if they can't I feel..

  • My mother was a stay at home mom and I have the greatest respect for her! She raised myself, my mentally/physically handicapped sister, and cared for my 2 ailing grandmothers all at the same time. She is my hero <3

  • I'm not a guy. But I usually think, "how in the heck do you do it?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Kudos to stay-at-home moms. πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Dont you raise childs by yourself and clean room hwo does it

  • Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
    A happy medium.
    I work two days a week which suits us fine but if I decide to go full time we'll get a house cleaner so our down time can be enjoyed more.
    I was so bored with being a stay at home mother because I am an introvert and don't make friends very easily.
    I also grew tired of being invited to party plan parties (Tupperware) that kind of shit.

    • What about him , didn't hear anything about your spouse?

    • I only work two days a week so I get all of the housework done during the week, the only thing he has to do is cook dinner twice a week and bathe the kids.
      It's all about balance.
      I'm a much happier person and am glad that I can contribute to our families income.
      We are both happy.

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