Are short men at a disadvantage when it comes to dating?

Does anyone feel that short men are at a disadvantage in the dating scene? Why or why not?


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  • I don't have a problem with it, I'm short and don't want to crane my neck every time I talk to a guy.


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  • yea I don't want to feel amazon or fat next to you,haha so I go for men that are taller than me, sorry.

    • Whatever hakes you happy, although your statement seems shallow.

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    • Listen man, you asked for a girls opinion you can't be mad at a girl if she finds it unattractive. It is a turn off for some girls, but hey you'll find the right one who is fine with it. You're not going to find her thinking any girls who does think this way is shallow. Honestly this site needs more honest opinion. If you ask a question about that, be a man and accept the honest answers you get. Trust me that's a much more important quality than height.

    • Hehe... thanks :)

  • I don't know a single girl who WANTS to date a man shorter than she, And I know many (including myself) who would NEVER date a man shorter.


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  • I'm not that tall, I'm 5'7, and I have never had any dating problems due to my height. Usually, I'm with girls who are shorter than myself, but I have been with a few who are significantly taller.

    As long as you're a fun person with good personality traits, height doesn't REALLY matter.

    • Yes, height really shouldn't matter. The problem I see with it is that some, if not all, women make such a big deal out of the height of a man, as if it's supposed to define everything about him. I know that they have their preferences and all, but a man's height does not tell them everything about him. They shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. They should get to know a man before they judge him. Looks aren't everything. Anyways, thanks for the comment.