Was it just a 'fling'?

I met this guy, he's my best friends cousin. I was staying with my best friend and her family at their beach house and her cousin and aunt came and stayed there too. From the second I met her cousin, he didn't take his eyes off of me. My friend would text me while the three of us were together and say things like 'he's obsessed with you' & 'he won't stop looking at you'.

He was kinda kinky sometimes.. like we'd be sitting on the couch cuddling and he'd bite me and pull my hair. He grabbed my ass once, we held hands once, he licked me a few times, and kissed my leg and stomach. He asked me to give him head, he said he'd return the favor, but I said no. We never did anything, besides touching and stuff. But we never went inside the pants.

Since his mom, uncle, and aunt were around us a lot, we texted each other when we weren’t alone. He’d say things like “You’re cute, and I want you” and he said “I know you want me, its all good, cause I want you too(;” . He called me Smiley cause he said I smile at him 24/7. I had those ‘sex bracelets’ on, and he broke one of my black ones. He still has it, he broke it about 5 or 6 days ago. He smelled it all the time, he said it still smells just like me. But one time when we were texting I said ‘after this vacation, you’re not going to really exist anymore’ and he texted me back saying ‘I could if you wanted me to, but whatever. Bye’ that was about 6 days ago. We left the beach house 4 days ago, and I hadn’t heard from him at all. So I figured he was mad about me saying he wouldn’t exist anymore, so I texted him.

He told me he still had the bracelet and said it still smells like me. I asked if he was mad about what I said about him not being in my life after the vacation, he said he was. The last day we were there he texted me saying “I like you(:” and I said “I like you too”.. did he really like me? Or was it just more like a fling, while we were on vacation? He said when he got home he was going to delete me on Facebook, but he never did… what do you think?

He always sent me these 3 page texts, telling me he would never hurt me, and that if I ever needed someone, he'd be there for me.. it just seemed like he really did care, so I can't make my self believe he didnt..


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  • Hey.

    Just from past experience all I can say is His a Player. His keeping you on Facebook to keep the image of him 'liking you' up so you don't see him as what he is ... A Player! He wants the sex and that's all , once his gotten that he will move on and you will mean nothing to him. Trust me on this I have been in 'flings' like this before where I texted the guy afterward and he would text back " who the f*** are you ? " so it was a 'fling' and do not dowel on it because your hurting yourself more than you actually should for someone who will forget you once they get in your pants.

    Take care x