Why doesn't he want to text/call me?

So I've known this guy for a while now. He seems interested. I've already heard from a mutual friend that he thinks I'm beautiful. He writes on my wall on facebook saying it's been a LONG time and hoping I'm having a good summer. Then I finally work up the nerve a few weeks later to chat with him on there. He gives me his number to talk to him that way because he's not online a lot and he said he's always got his phone on him. So I text him a day or two afterward asking what he's up to. We get to talking but then he just stops. I haven't spoken to him since because I feel like I'm bugging him by texting him. I feel like he should talk to me first after leaving me hanging...Am I right to think this way? Or should I try talking to him again...this was almost a week ago (a week from this coming Friday).


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  • most of the time guys chasing girls, but not always. if you think you like him, you should try to call him ask him if he's OK, or talking bout something else, this way will get you closer to him, so use your sense, if you think he doesn't want you then you should let him go and move on. there are lots of better ones ahead. I wish all the best for u.

    • Thanks! I just feel like I'm kind of an option for him because he seems more interested in another girl but he has a lot of friends that are girls so I don't know ha. I think I'll just chill for now and see what happens. Thanks for the advice!

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    • Wow! so sorry about that!! Yeah girl's like to be swept off their feet. You don't have to do it all the time but every once in a while is nice. She probably should've talked to you first about it though before just leaving you. Spending 2-3 hrs is a bit much if you do it everyday. It gets kinda sketchy at times, no matter how strong a relationship is, girl tend to wonder ya know. Swing around to her perspective. If she were at a friends house everyday for that long, wouldn't you be weird?

    • I believe that I did something wrong there, but I told her I would not do it again. well I've been trying 4 months to do everything I could to have this relationship back together and I guess I failed because it was only me who worked hard to get this back together. life must go on even sometimes you gotta deal with pains.

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