Just stops texting half way through?

Been texting this guy I used to work with... and on Sunday we were texting about going to the cinema this week, like we were discussing what film to see... and then mid-conversation I got no reply, so I left it that night. Text him on the Monday saying something like are we going to the cinema then, how about weds... no reply... then on Tuesday I text him saying have I done something wrong... nope, no reply! So I've not bothered texting him since then... its just a bit weird! I don't understand :/ xx

Just to update.. I text him again just asking how he was... no reply! haha... I'm giving up :) x


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  • Maybe he has lost his mobile phone...u should c him in person & ask him as to why he did nt reply...bcoz I don't smell anything foul here!

    Dont read much from this situation ...i'd say...

    • His phone isn't lost... spoke to a mutual friend who has head off him by phone x

    • Imo,u wait for somtime &c if he communicates...else when you meet him or call him ask him y he did so?...thou I'd advice let him call...else he will think you need him...

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  • something better came along but he doesn't want to openly turn you down in case it doesn't work out and he keeps the option of reconnecting with you. But you'll be so over it by then and won't fall for it right?

  • hi, I think I'm the person you were texting.

    sorry I lost my phone.

    we should go and see harry potter? I like it, I've seen it over 50 times now and I still cry when harry potter is killed by hitler in the concentration camp, lol.

    anyway my new number is 4444444 get back to me.


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  • Well let me tell you this. I had similar situation happen to me. I text my ex boyfriend and he didn't respond so I wondered did he get my text or did he still have the same phone. So what I called from a different number and he picked up. So he was avoiding me. When he picked up I didn't say anything. I just needed to know did he get my text. 85percent sure he did. lol But yeah I would say do the same thing because you keep texting him and calling him is making you look clingy or desperate. He should at least replied the second time around after that give it up. But do what I did just to know if the boy is at least still alive. You never know maybe something happen.


  • Somthing like this happened to me before. I thought he'd lost interest, but his phone had been robbed. We randomly bumped into each other a few days later, and we swapped e-mails instead, so we could arrange a date on fb.

    Do you have facebook and is he added on it? If he is at least you know he could still contact you if this is an innocent problem.

    If he isn't added, maybe leave it a week so it doesn't look like you are stalking him and see if you can add him? At least that way you know he can find you if he's still interested. In the meantime try to meet other guys so you don't get too hung up on this guy.

    • Yeah I've got him on facebook... he hasn't been on it x