Is this guy mad or jealous?

So basically this guy I've been dating some days ago got jealous and it was obvious..and he would say things like oh ;) when I mentioned hanging out with a friend..and than here the other day I talked to him again and it was 4 in the morning and he told me he was going to bed and I said OK and than he was like aren't you going to bed and I said no I'm going to stay and talk to a friend..and than he gave me that attitude again he being jealous or what ? does he think its a boy? and he hasn't been online since that happened.. and believe me he is always online.


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  • He's jealous, all right. You've found out something about him, have you not?

    Don't put a lot of time into this relationship. It's going down the drain already.


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  • Lol, I like "stercor"'s answer ... AND agree with it.

    But wait, is this online dating or what? It sounds like it to me. Either way, not showing up online because of that is ridiculous and manipulative. Ok, yes, it might be he fell ill or is very busy with something, but don't waste your time guessing ... or, indeed, giving him any attention.

    Even if you wish this sort of jealousy was a sign of love ... it'll get worse and worse. You'd better find someone nicer.