I always text this guy first, but he responds, am I irritating him?

I know he likes me, but just don't want to bug him.


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  • there isn't a whole lot of information here...i mean how often are you texting him, how quickly, are you annoying about it?

    just take things slow, don't over analyze the situation...text him to say what's up and see how he is...but hey, calling never hurts either - everyone seems to "text" now adays, a lot of things can be taken out of content because tone and expressions aren't expressed through text...anyways, don't bombard him with text, but make sure he knows you're interested as well...some people just don't like texting, I don't blame them

    • Some people don't like texting?Do this include also that situation:The guy likes the girl, they went out 3 times,they were hugging, tickling each other,laughing,have a great time.And at the and of the third date they kissed on lips.It seems that the guy is not into texting so much,cuz also before that,he beraly texted her first but he was always responding back.And also now he didn't text her anything since they went out, this is one week later. So is this normal?

      i'm this girls so..i'm confused.

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