Stuck between 2 guys and don't know who to choose?

I have been taking to "Tim" for almost 4 months now and we live an hour apart. We don't c each other as much because of or schedules. But when he comes to my town or is near by he makes an effort to c me. But he hasn't mention Anthony about being in a relationship. He's has met my mom and you have met his. He introduces me by my name to anyone and his status says that he's single on FB. I really like him and would like to have a relationship but not sure if he sees one with me. Yesterday I told him that I wanted to talk to him about us because I am unsure if he sees his going anywhere. This was through text and he said okay.

There's this guy, "Bill" who's a guy that works at his store. We eventually because FB friends and started to talk. He old me that he liked me and always wanted to get my number but never saw me ( I was away at college). He said that he wants to b with me but I told him that I was talking to someone else. I can tell that he wants a relationship which is something that I want because I do want a boyfriend. But I care about Tim but I don't know what he sees me as an I don't know if I want ti get involve with Bill because I don't want to hurt Tim. But then again I don't know what he does up there. Bill says that he wants me but I'm 2 worry about another guy. So I don't know whether to choose Bill because he wants what I want or to choose Tim even though I don't know if he would like to b in a relationship with him?


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  • go with the better option...think long-term...who is the safest choice?

    • Neither one...bc "Tim" said that he didn't like long distance relationships which is bs but I don't really talk to him now. And the other guy was just full of sh*t. so I don't talk to him anymore either. lol but yeah thanks for the answer tho...

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