He wants to hang out but wants me to bring friends along? WTF?

I met this guy he got my number and called that same night because he thought I gave him the wrong number. So he said he was stoked that I gave my real number. HE called a few days later and we talked,laughed and he asked me to Chill with him saturday. But then he said bring your friends, cousins, whoever you want. It kinda threw me off. Wouldn't he want to go on a one on one date to get to know me? or am I just being a weirdo lol? And since that call I haven't heard from him since. No txt/call. NADA. WHats UP


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  • It sounds like he might've had some buddies he wanted to get laid. But really, he may've just said something like that because he thought you might be more comfortable with him if you had friends along.

    Though.I can't imagine any guy SERIOUSLY saying, "I thought you gave me the wrong number so I had to check". that is beyond corny.

    I hate to say it but I think there's a greater chance this guy is no good. If you are going to meet him, meet him one-on-one in a public place.

    Good luck

    • Dude thanks so much! I thought the same thing. lol thanks

    • No problem. Glad I could help : )

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  • what did you reply back then?

    maybe he just wants you to be comfortable and it's ok to bring your friend. but he probably put it in the wrong way.

    and he is probably scared to call you now. try txt-ing him, say that you and girls are going to park nearby and if he want to join ALONE. :)

    • The last time we texted to each other was tuesday. He then called me thursday but I missed his call. Then I called him and he didn't answer. I texted him the nxt day which was friday and let him kno I was sorry to miss his call and he said its cool he wanted me to chill with him and his friends thurs night. he invited me again to hang out friday night with his buddies but I told him I couldn't because I had made plans already,. he said ok cool be safe and hit me up later. what do I do now?

    • Well, let's wait until he ask you again next time.. he'll probably call you again a week or two if he is into you.. just be patient.

  • Sounds like a win-win: comfort for you and hookups for your respective friends.

    • So is he doing it just to make me feel comfortable or just in case the date turns out to be awkward?

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  • i don't think he wants anything serious or maybe he wanted to get some friends of his hooked up with some friends of yours. its kinda hard to say though.

  • The wrong number line. is definitely a lie, lol.

    It sounds like he's not up for anything serious.

    • I have to agree even though I really don't want too. lol