I like him, he texts me daily but he's dating my friend! Now what?

I've known this guy for a while now. He's been dating my friend for a year. I've always found their relationship sad because if they're not lovey dovey, then they're at each others throats almost all the time. Normally, he and I just contact each other through Facebook but there came a point where I was the one that was dominating his wall. His girlfriend mentioned it in a jokey way, but I think she was a little p*ssed.

Anyway, long story short he eventually asked me for my number. O didn't think much of it since he's obsessed with her, so I gave it to him. Before that, we had gone out as a group but his girlfriend couldn't make it at the last minute. In the end it was just me, him and 3 friends.

This past week, he's been texting me day and night. We text until he falls asleep then he will text me every morning just to say 'good morning'. I'm starting to fall for him. I shouldn't but I am.

He always asks me when's the next time we can hang out again.

He loves her. He tells her he does at every given opportunity, and I believe him. My friend once told him if she always hurts him then why doesn't he just leave? He told her he can't because he needs her.

What is he doing with me then? Normal friends don't text each other continuously 24/7. He says I'm funny and interesting and he enjoys my company. Help..

I just want to understand why he's doing it. Or what he's doing anyway. Sorry its so long.


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  • Bottom line: Don't let a guy come in between a good friendship. That's the number one friendship breaker.