Is this a date? I don't know (help)?

well there's this girl who I really liked from Rochester,NY (I'm from NY,NY). Me and her were really into each other during December up till April. But then everything changed me and her didn't talk/text as much after we had an argument. But then me and her happened to work it out and remain friends. Although me and her didn't text like we use to we just text each-other every now and then, but she still talks to me and that's all I care about.

Well now she's in New York for a couple of weeks and she texted me the other day asking me if I wanted to meet up with her. To bad I had to do something important that day. But me and she made a plan to see each other on Tuesday or Wednesday. She said she definitely wants to see me.

Now despite that me and her were really into each other during the Winter-Spring. Me and her have not physically seen each other since Summer of 2008 when me and her first met. Can me and her actually seeing each other have another impact on our relationship? I still really like her and care about her a lot. And I think she does to ( She still texts me from time to time, and if she didn't she wouldn't go out her own way to have time to see me AND she really wants to see me). today she text me and said "hey you want to hang out tomorrow maybe go to a movie I don't know what you think I just want to see you before I leave =)" and I said "OK I meet up with you at 6 PM sound good" and she said "yea" lol

But is this a date? idk...Me and her don't really talk like that about stuff lately and she only hits me up to make plans so I really don't know if its a date I'm confused...and if it does feel like one should I kiss her or go for it? Help me out...

idk if this is two friends hanging out or a "date"...


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  • i don't think its a date in like a date but its abviously enough she wants to go out with you wether its a date or not she cares enuf to wana hangout before she leaves, I say just go out with her, if you felt like kissing her go ahead she's leaving anyway, if not and you felt like you shouldn't have then don't just simply hangout..!


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  • girls from the ROC are whoreeessssssss.

    • -________- next time waste someone elses time

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    • I went to RIT

    • Oh alright she's not from around that area, but yea I bet the girls from their are whores RIT is a pretty big campus

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