If you won't date a man with no ambition, is there no hope for love?

What about love? That doesn't matter?


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  • Huh. This seems familiar..

    I'm not sure love really factors into whether or not you choose to date someone, since at the very beginning of the relationship, I at least don't necessarily love the other person. I might like them a lot, but there's no deep connection there that creates the sense of obligation that I think you're trying to draw on here. I don't owe a date to somebody who I don't really even know, no matter how they feel about me.

    If you're talking about attraction instead, you have to consider that ambition makes up part of a guy's personality, which plays a major role in determining attraction. For some women, a lack of ambition might not be enough of a deal-breaker to stop them from starting a relationship, but others will be turned off right away. Within a relationship, a lack of ambition may or may not cause problems, and may or may not eventually cause a break-up. I personally have turned down people for dates and for relationships because I felt like we didn't match up in terms of ambition, but I would imagine the threshold of acceptability varies from woman to woman.

    Hope this kind of answers the question you asked - it's a little vague.


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  • why do you have no ambition? yea that would be a turn off to me honestly. At least say if you were in a crap job or unemployed or watever and you had ambition to get out of it and do better for yourself then it wouldn't be so bad but if you're just apathetic about it all, what does that say about the rest of you? it would also imply you have no confidence, somthing most women look for in a guy. They don't want to be the one proping you up it needs to be equal and anything less gets tiersome fast.


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  • No ambition means no desire. That's a lazy excuse. Most people want to date someone who has goals, knows what they want in life. It's not a "prerequisite", it's a major aspect of life. Especially in who you choose to date.

  • society and culture expects more out of males than it does out of females

  • a man without ambition is not a man...

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