Would a girl ever do this on a date if she liked you?

So, I took this girl that I've hung out with a couple times on a nice date. We went to a expensive restaurant for dinner, then walked around a shopping center, and went to a park. She loves to walk around outside, explore, and go to parks...so I knew it'd be perfect for after dinner.

Well, when we got to the park, she calls her best guy friend because he is actually there a lot. He wasn't there, but he was close by, so she told him she would call him back.

She asked me if I wanted to go meet up with him and his friends.. I didn't want to seem jealous or anything so I was like yeah sure I don't care.

We got there and had to pay a cover charge to get in, so we decided to just talk outside for a couple min, until the girl told her friend we were gonna leave.

It seemed like something you would do to a guy on a date that was just your friend... or you didn't like.

The thing is... she looked really nice. I mean she was really dressed up for me. Unlike any girl has ever dressed up for a date with me. I was breathless when I first saw her tonight.. and another thing that threw me off was when the guys said "we could go off somewhere else" because she didn't want to pay the cover, she was like well "no.. I have curfew and have to be home soon" ( and she said a time that was a lot sooner than I knew she had to be, she definitely lied to them ). then we went off and did some other stuff for like and hour before I took her home.

Taking everything into consideration, I'm just wondering girls, would you ever do this to a guy you like when he just took you out to a nice dinner?

A couple other things about the date that made me think she might have liked me... she kept touching me, and was taking pictures of us.


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  • Hmm, I definitely think it was a little inappropriate. It would have been less inappropriate if a) The guy friend had called HER first, so she was obligated to respond to him or b) you were also friends with the guy, so it was a mutual hangout. Since neither of those apply, I'd say it was a bit rude but I'd give her teh benefit of the doubt if you liked her otherwise, go out a couple more times and see what happens.

  • I wouldn't do that to a guy on a date. That just seems a bit messed up.


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