Are phone calls and text messages a big deal?

I have a bunch of questions for guys about text messages and phone calls to/from girls:

1) If you call/text a girl, is it a big deal to you?

2) If a girl calls or texts, is it a big deal? What do you think of her if she calls or texts you? (Like do you automatically think she likes you?)

3) How much do you have to care about (not exactly romantically) /know a girl to text/call her? (What I mean is, if a girl you didn't really know texted or called you, would you respond?)

thanks. :-P


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  • 1) Yeah! It means you care for her, and you want to know what she is up to. It really is a big deal to txt your girl.

    2) If she's already said that she loves you, a message from her in your inbox or a call really makes your day. There's nothing better than knowing your baby cares for you too.

    3) Well, you can always be kind and answer back even if you don't know her much, it's no big deal. If she is an ass, then just ignore her.


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  • texting at the moment is a big thing,it doesn't mean level of liking it is one way that people communicate strongly today.Unless it is your boyfriend,don;t hold too much on this.


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  • you should repost this question. I'd like to know the answers too! :-)

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