Why is he still texting me?

Me and my ex split 4 months ago. He's been with his new girlfriend for 8 weeks on and off but every time he drops her home, he text's and rings me. Every time she pisses him off, he gets on the phone to me. We were so close when we were together and I still love him to bits. I'm not sure why he keeps texting me if he's got a new girlfriend?


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  • Depending on how long you two were together, you could still have a serious bond. Just because I know that a relationship isn't going to work out, and I leave, doesn't mean that I don't still have feelings for the person, or that their company and support doesn't make me feel better.

    If you two had a good relationship, then you probably comforted each other through hard times, and I suppose that is what he is looking for now when he has trouble with his new girl.

    Although, if you are not going to get back together, then you need to let him know that you can't be his 'life raft' and that talking to him like this is difficult for you.

    Be straight with him, and stop talking to him about his new relationships. It's not healthy for you.


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  • He obviously still has feelings for you.

  • Come on now. You know why he keeps calling. that thang must be good. lol

    But you need to make him chose. She could be dirty giving him an std so be careful.


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  • You know the answer to this. Your exact words were, "I still love him to bits." He keeps texting and calling you because he knows you will answer, he knows you will be there for him.

    Now my question is, will he be there for you? Don't fall for this! You are good person and you need to be with someone that is good to you. This relationship sounds mean and it will only continue to be hard on you if you take his calls.

    One last thing.. If he calls you after he and his new girlfriend have a fight...don't you wonder who he called when you and him had a fight? Leopards don't change their spots. Remember that!

    Sorry for the tough love. I wish you the best and hope you make the right decision.