What does an end to a date like this mean?

I took a girl out I've been hanging out with for awhile on our first date. She dressed up really nice- I was stunned by how nice she looked.

At the end of the date I got out of the car to give her a hug like I normally do after hanging out with her, but she kept walking. So we walked to the door together while talking. She didn't turn around to tell me good or anything and instead invited me in. But her dad was right by the door and was not very inviting.. so we went back outside where it was evident I should probably head home.

I gave her a hug (like always) and I was waiting/looking for the right moment to kiss- but she didn't really give me as big a hug as she normally does. I commented on the weak hug and she blamed it on the fact she was holding the door open so the alarm wouldn't lock. She didn't offer a second hug/chance like I had hoped so I told her I had a nice night and made my way to the car. She replied "yeah me too. thanks. I'll see you - well ha actually I don't know when I'll see you again but ill text you"

we went our separate ways and haven't texted since I dropped her off. we don't text much though anyways - we never have. so that doesn't bother me. I'm not sweating every minute waiting for her to text me. I'm not dying to text her either. but I really do genuinely care about her and like her a lot.

i just want to know what some girls opinion on the end of the night are.

Do you think there are sparks or what? Good or bad?


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  • That does not sound very sparky to me. However, dad's presence could have really thrown her for a loop. It's up to you. You could look at asking her out for another date. Not very promising that she already made a point of saying she doesn't know when she will see you, but, again, maybe it has to do with her dad being there and maybe that she is trying to play it cool with you.


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  • well if she wanted to invite you in, she most likely likes you. she probably was a little embarassed/annoyed about her dad c*ck-blockin :P she probably felt like her dad was watching you two so she didn't want to be as affectionate as she would have been.

    --just thinkin positive :D

    • Thanks... that's what I thought too... she was letting her cat out when I left so I mean there was a lot going on.

      Linda definitely ripped me a new b-hole though.

  • In addition to what some others have said here, maybe she didn't want to seem too eager. It doesn't sound horrible. I think you should ask her on a nother date and see what happens. :)

  • Sounds to me like she didn't enjoy it :/ sorry bud

    • Well we've hung out alone before we went on the date. What would happen on a date that would change her mind that much? Especially if she dressed up real nice? I wouldn't suppose a girl would dress up for a guy she's hung out with before if she wasn't into him?

      Plus she took me inside at the end of the date instead of just ending it with a hug at the car.. it just didn't work out because of her dad being around.

      So what makes you say you don't think she enjoyed it?

    • She did dress up which ment she was interested in you.

      She might have changed her mind if something strange happened, or if she felt it was awkward. Since you both hung out before makes it seem to me that maybe she wasn't into this? Idk

      But from what I read it seems like she wasn't into going on another date, but if you feel like it went well then hit her up and ask her out again.

      But trust me, if she wanted to kiss or hug you she would have. :/

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