What to do with a man who just likes the chase?

Need your help.

I recently met this guy ..he is really good looking and after talking to him few times it was clear to me that he was just after sex (or whatever playing games). So,- immediately I got disinterested and stopped all communication. The less I talk to him, the more he wants me. He calls me all the freaking time wanting to see me and stuff. Well I told him that look, I'm not interested in what you got to offer (he told me straight he doesn't want commitment- with anyone) and we hadn't even been to a date yet. He insists on seeing me, so I said OK well if you wanna see me, then we can only be friends thinking that this would make him go away. well he still hasn't gone anywhere. I still haven't went on a date with him so now he asked if he can take care of my dog (?!). Its obvious to me that the JUST wants what he can't have. The minute I would be interested, he would get bored. I'm not planning on giving in. So am I right or not. What's wrong with you men?


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  • What do you mean what's wrong with us?! Most men would try to trick you into their pants but this guy said it without wasting your time... its your fault that your still talkin to him AFTER you have turned him down... Just stop talking to the guy... cut him off or something

    • Ok will do. And I already did. Just can understand why he wants to chase so much, why doesn't he just go get it somewhere else. But I understand the point.

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  • thyer all just being that MEN.. sorry for the stalker girl get your number changed it costs to have it changed but I'm shure it will be worth it :)