She hasn't been comfortable calling us a couple yet. Should I be worried?

OK, I've been dating this girl since April, and things have been great, she's always so happy to talk to me and spend time with me, and she's always holding on to me or pulling me in close in one way or another when we go out.

Thing is, her situation is complicated, so she hasn't been comfortable calling us a couple yet. Well in a text convo the other day, she mentions I'm a "Good friend to her, I make her laugh, and I don't push anything on her, and she appreciates it"

Well I saw this as her saying that we were just friends and got confused. She then says that "Maybe we should talk about US when I get back from vacation, we have never really talked about it"... but not before, because she needs to "Get away for a while and think about her life"

Should I be worried? I mean everything is great... but suddenly I have a sinking feeling she's gonna say we should just be friends...


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  • your her man toy, I have one of these, she's not sure how she feels about you if she prefers you as a buddy she caan call up whenever so yeah I would be a bit nervous, but I'm wishing the best for you since you seem like a nice guy:) Hope that helped

  • I wouldn't be worried. Just give her the space and time she needs to figure out what she wants. If she just wants to be friends so be it, there isn't much you can do.


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