Cute, but not "hot". Should I date her?

My neighbor is really cute: sweet voice, always nice, etc. but she doesn't fit the definition of "hot": she's kinda short, has a small chest, and wears braces. I really like her, but should I ask her out? I.e. if I ask her, is that going to be a problem at school or something?

Thanks for your input! I was probably going to ask her out either way, but now I'm definately going to.


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  • You sound immature... you should not care what other people say if you like this girl that's your choice and nothing else should interfere with your decision

    • Thanks - other than calling me immature, I think you're right.

    • Lol you should answer my most recent question :)

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  • You should defiantly ask her out!

    Sometimes cute is better than hot.

    if you respect her you won't care about looks as much.


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  • If you think it'll be a problem at school, you aren't ready to start dating yet. If you truly liked her enough to date her, you wouldn't care what the people at school would think.