When to ask a girl out?

How long after meeting a girl should I wait to ask her out? I've never even been on a date, and I think part of it is that I just don't know when to ask the girl out. Like say I sit next to a girl in class and I introduce myself and we talk a little, should I ask her out right after class, or should I sit by her again and wait a couple days. I think my problem is that I wait way to long for fear of me not liking her, and then get into the friend zone.


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  • yes ask her right away or wait a week. if she seems nice and likes talking to you she is probably going to say yes cause she likes communicating with you and communication is important in a relationship. just say: hey we should chill sometime...say it casually.

    help me please?


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  • liste because it is very important, you ask AS SOON AS YOU ARE VIBING WITH THE GRIL. Vibing is when your basically feeling that connection with her and the conversation is flowing, sometimes asking a girl a day too late might be enough to never hook up with her... its sad but true and I agree that you probably missed out a lot of chances to at least progress the relationship to the next level

    • Thanks I will try to be more aggressive

    • Yep, just avoid seeing it as aggression. Have the attitude of a natural progression, that it's not a big deal. You are very focused on the outcome but not the journey, what are you going to be doing on a date?? talking, so you might want to ask a girl out that you are having a good conversation with. Remember, saying no to the girls you aren't really feeling will help you get the girls that you do want