Should I call her or email her? How do I develop this into something more?

Hi.. I met a girl I liked on a bus journey.. we sat beside each other on the opposite side on the isle.. chatted and had fun for hours .. I touched her shoulder , teased her, made her laugh... and after a while I asked her to give me her phone number and email , so she can show me around her city onetime.

Now this was on Sunday 8th of August , I want to get to know her more but I don't know how? should I start by emailing her ? or calling her and asking how is she doing?

How can I develop this acquaintance into something more? she lives 3 hours away by train.

called but she didn't answer... I didn't leave a message on the asnwer machine... I am thinking of giving it couple of days and trying to call her again .. this time will leave a message . If she doesn't respond then I will let it go.


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  • Call or text, email seems too business like. Be like hey how's it going? I had fun and I miss it or something. If she is at all attracted her heart will go awww <3


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  • You should definitely call her, not email her. Emailing is slower, and she could easily accidentally delete your email or forget to check it. When you call her, just display your confidence and let her know that you want to take her up on her offer.

    If you two decide to enter a relationship, just decide on times to meet. Maybe every weekend? It doesn't have to be all the time, and you can call her. Long distance relationships have worked with people much farther away, so I think you'll be fine.

    • Yeah I was thinking that too with confidence ... some people told me that calling her would startle her and create awkward silent moments... and force her to talk to me on the spot.. what do you think?

    • It might, but you don't have to talk to her all day. Once you feel that it's getting awkward, you can always say goodbye. Obviously you want to make it smoother, but talking awkwardly into the phone is worse than not talking at all.

      If she she seems uncomfortable, ask her a question about herself. Maybe talking will calm her down. To avoid the awkwardness though, try to make her laugh. Or at least, not regret giving her number to you, but I'm sure she won't. :) Good luck!

  • yes I agree, I think that you should call her. and if your a texter send her a quick text telling her how great of a time you had and enjoyed her company and feel it out from there. if she wants more out of it then you should start calling. don't over do it though... if she wants nothing to do with you now that you both are back home leave it at that don't push it.

  • Definitely call or to a lesser degree, text, casually saying you are going to be in town and if she free to show you around, display your confidence and go for it!


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