What are some ways to make a girl happy?

Happy with herself,happy with me, etc. I'm a little inexperienced with dating. Can anybody help me out?


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  • be happy around her, show her that she makes you happy...do little things for her, you don't have to go spending tons of money to make a girl happy - most of them are simple(well as far as making them happy)...just really show her through your actions that she makes you happy and that should work well...take her out every now and then, but dress up, go somewhere fancy, show her off to everyone...

    do little things like leaving a note in her lunch that says "miss you" or "have a great day :)"...or just get her something she loves...maybe she has a favorite candy and you can surprise her with it randomly and just be like hey I saw these and thought of you...taht kinda stuff...its the little things that count, especially if its something personal for her...

    remind her how beautiful she is, that she's a great girl and you enjoy the time you spend together...but don't do it often, because it may lose the meaning and she may think well he says it all the time but...also when she dresses up...stop in your tracks and say "wow...you know you really are gorgeous" ... she won't be expecting it - even if she isn't dressed up, she'll love it

    basically, make her laugh, let her know what she means to you, but through actions AND words...your words are the foundation of your actions, but as they say actions speak louder than words...like I said before don't overwhelm her, but just be you and she'll appreciate everything you do for her.

    hope this helps man, let me know if I can help you out further (if you want to give me some ideas of what your thinking) GOOD LUCK!

    • Wowevery word he wrote is true :)

      couldn't have said it any better.

      just reading this stuff made me happy lol

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  • 1-Give her some attention.let her know that you think of her.

    2-Tell her you like her the way she is,say you don't care about other people thoughts.

    3-Like what 1802hesaysim2sexy said,DO NOT PLAY WITH HER EMOTINS CUZ THATS NOT FUNNY.

    4- When she is upset or in a bad mood talk to her show her that your here for her whenever she needs u.

    5-Alawys remember her birthday because that makes her know how much she means to you.

    6-Make her smile.

    7-Be yourself,that's very important.

    8-When she upsets you or annoys you or you just doesn't like something about her,just don't make her wonder,go straight up and tell her.

    9- Don't scream or yell at her because that hurts.

    10- surprises, surprise her with a nice gift,it doesn't matter how much it cost or expensive or not,just something you say by it that you care.

    If you just wrote some nice letters with your name then bought a rose & put it in her bag,or on her desk surprisingly,thats a surprise & it's nice.sounds old but that's really nice.

    There'r different easy ways.

    GD LUCK.

  • wow. :)

    if you like her truly, show it to her and tell her. do not hide it. do not pretend. be honest with her. do not play with her head and emotions because that hurts. don't keep her guessing. just tell her straight up. you will do her a favor than making her toss and turn at night thinking what's going on? did she do something wrong?

    keep in touch with her it doesn't have to be every hour but send her a txt, email or call her just to let her know you are thinking of her no matter how busy you are that you haven't forgotten her. :) that automatically make her smile.

    or better yet give her a surprise visit! :)

    communication is key to a girl's heart not cars,or money or diamonds.

    tell her you love her if you do really love her.

    there are so many other ways to make a girl happy and keep her happy. it's all up to you how to make it happen. but like I said, just be honest and open to her. no need to dress up like a lamb if you really are a wolf inside. that hurts like hell. good luck!

    • I like your answer. But I've heard that telling a girl how you feel kills attraction or something?

    • That depends on the girl to how much she really likes you or dont. but it will help to tell her either way so you don't spend nights and day thinking what could have been. because sometimes both guys and girls give off mixed signals that often get misinterpreted by both sexes and end up in disaster. its always good to be honest about it then there might be that chance.

  • Wow. This is like a question that I hardly ever hear/see being asked...you've got the right idea, dude.

    - Be honest. Don't lie about yourself.

    - Always communicate. It's not necessary to talk all the time, but anything you think is important, share it.

    - Be kind. I mean, don't act like an idiot - don't try to show off, or impress too much.

  • Honestly, just be yourself and try to be open with your emotions/feelings . Letting her know how much she means to you and genuinely complimenting her will surely make her feel special.

    Communication is very vital, in the sense that having good communication will lead to a happy, and healthy relationship .


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  • rub the clit, in circles. not to much direct contact

  • girls don't like boys they like cars and money...

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