Should I love him? one year dating, 3 months together?

we have a long distance relationship for about a year. we don't spend much time together because he is always working. i understand he has to make money but he has to find time for me too


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  • honey I don't know how well he treats you, but he has a life. the fact that you guys have been in a long distance relationship for over a year is already amazing. kudos to that. do you guys talk on the phone every night? one of my friend who's in a long distance relationship says that's what makes a long distance relationship work out. no matter how short they may be, but they are pretty important.

    you should definitely talk to him about it. let him know that it's bothering you that he doesn't really pay that much attention to you bcos you also have to understand where he is coming from.

  • I'm going through a similar situation in my relationship, and the thing is that you have to realize that he is, and will, have a life that does not center around your relationship. It's not easy to go at it long distance, and sometimes it best to just stay busy. I don't know how often you guys communicate, but I find its best to talk on the phone often, text or email as much as possible, and live your life. If this is something that is really bothering you, you need to talk to him about it and see his side.