Going for the first kiss, is this a decent way?

i know most everyone says don't ask or say anything just go for it and its better that way. but lets say for this question's sake, you're gonna ask in some way. Is like "what would you do if I kissed you right now" a good way or what are some good worded questions or statements to kiss a girl.


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  • It's fairly interesting and it might work, but I wouldn't do it. The reason is, you don't want to put the girl in an awkward position. The question puts pressure on her to answer the question in a witty/flirty way, and she'll ESPECIALLY feel that pressure if she's not ready to kiss you yet.

    The best thing to do is continue to flirt with her, see if you're getting positive responses from her, and when you have a quiet, private moment and you know she's attracted to you, kiss her without saying anything.

    Then again...if you really feel inclined to try it your way, go for it. Now that I think some more about it, if you say it with the right amount of confidence and you already have a great, flirty vibe with the girl, you might be able to pull it off. You'd have to know, however, that she's both strongly attracted to you and very comfortable with you. You could say something like: "OK, let's see how creative you are...you have 3 seconds...what would you do if I kissed you?" and before she gets to respond, kiss her. Best of luck!


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  • If your going to ask a simple "Can I kiss you," or "I really want to kiss you" can be a sweet way to ask.

    I wouldn't go for "What would you do if I kissed you right now." It kind of sounds like a junior high spin the bottle party to me.

  • Don't ask like that. And I know you're going to hate this answer, but don't ask. If you must say something verbally, a statement is better. For example, ClearVision's suggestion: "I really want to kiss you" is simple but effective. Something like "you're making it hard for me to resist kissing you" is also a good lead up (if she doesn't want to, she'll say something like "well, resist temptation, please!" and if she wants to, she'll be flirty and coy and say something like, "well maybe I DO want you to kiss me" at which point it is your turn to lean in and do so, obviously).


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