Did he like me?

ok, so there was this guy in summer camp who I really liked and I think he might've liked me. on the first day of camp, we played a card game together with a couple of each of our friends. we left my crush to figure out the rules for himself. every time he messed up, we would laugh and I would tease him. he stuck his tongue out at me playfully.

also, we always mutually teamed up in the games of soccer. he would never team up with anyone but me, and I would only team up with him.

he was only at that camp for a week, and I was sad to see him go. I want to know if the connection between us was real, or if it was just a summer fling.


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  • He may have had feelings for you.

    In the age range you're in, or rather coming out of, most guys and girls that link together that strongly in social settings usually develop some sort of feelings for each other. And even if they remain friends their true feelings tend to run deeper than that. Because it's a new concept for everyone that age, it runs stronger for everyone, so everything feels like you have a crush or feelings or whatever.

    But this was probably a great summer fling and nothing more. If you ever run into him again, the two of you will have gone through so many changes that it would never feel the same way again.

    In conclusion, good experience to have gone through, but nothing worth lingering over.

    Good luck!


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  • summer loving . had me a blast.

    summer loving. happened so fast.

    met a girl as cute as can me

    met a boy crazy for me.

    but UT OH that summmmer love ugh!


  • sounds pretty real

    if he was acting the same around you and you did to him then yeah.

    fo sho


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  • way over analyzing. It is possible to be friends with someone who's a guy (or a girl, if your a guy) without there being some hidden motive behind it. He obviously enjoyed your company and showed you that by always being your partner in soccer and playing cards with you and your friends. Though there is a difference between liking somebody and enjoying their company.