Guy asks me for number to hang out even gives me his number but doesn't call! what was the point?

OK this guy I was taking a class with asked for my number to hang out. he even texted me telling me to save his number. but its been over a week and he didn't call! why he bother asking for my number? it wasn't like a 'see if I can get this chicks number' kinda thing cause he gave me his too! and how do I act when I see him again? if he asks to hang out again if I say yes ill seem desperate won't i?


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  • I hope he is as John said, that just sitting next to the phone and be shy about what do to! But more likely, I think he could be either playing games, or he is doing this to many girls, and he will hang out with whoever that texts or calls first. By all means, that sucks!

    But if he asks you to hang out again, you could surely say yes, why not? It wouldn't sound desperate! But if you keep texting him even if he doesn't respond or has said no to you, then that's desperate!

    Is he good looking or popular? Is he the laid-back type or more aggressive? I'd probably not do the first text. I have had guys asked for my number and texted me like weeks after, which I didn't take him seriously and never hung out with him.

    If you have read this book, He is just not that into you, that you will understand more! In most cases, if a guy likes you, he will call you (or text, of course)

    Good Luck! <3


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  • I've sat next to the phone for half and hour with this girls number not sure what to say when I call... maybe he's doing the same thing


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  • Ok, Here I am again, LOL!

    On the other hand, if it really bothers you to wait for his move, why not send him a text saying, "Hello", or "Wassup"? Instead of waiting and feeling miserable?

    It's not gonna harm you in any sense! Be relaxed about what the outcome might be! Send a text and have a mentality like you are just greeting a friend and don't think any answer or no answer at all personal! Guys are worse at texts than girls usually!

    Also, if he wasn't playing games, then he might need to know at least you are interested to make the first move.

    Good luck girly! <3