Should I call him or not?

OK 2 days ago this guy that I know I knew him sense 6th grade now I am in 11th. But me and him were texting and he was asking me like have I had sex and he told me that he had sex. And he was asking me whether or not I shaved down there. And I told him that I thought waiting was precious and he said yeah that's true. and he said he did it because of pressure of his friends. But besides that he told me I should call him and I didn't call him today but should I call him? And he gave me his number so is he interested


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  • I think he just wants to have sex with you.

    If you have feelings for him, call him.

    But tell him you don't want to have sex with him and that he has to wait until you feel it's ready(don't let him pressure you to have sex).

    And when you are ready to have sex always use protection.


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