What is the REAL reason why he changed his mind?

OK so I met this guy online., did the emails for a month, exchanged digits and only texted for 2 weeks. Then we met up and had dinner and did the sports bar scene first date. In between those times we did a lot more texting and getting to know each other. Well second date turned into him cooking dinner @ his house and me spending the night. Sex was amazing, and then spent night following weekend with more amazing activities. Met the MOM, and he met my friends.

Then BOOM! He wanted to be platonic friends in the middle of the week. But he still texts, and calls me cute nick names, but haven't seen each other in a month. What went wrong?


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  • Is he a mummy's boy? Maybe his mum said something dissaproving so that he felt like he shouldn't be with you, but maybe the reason he's still calling you cute names is because he has feelings for you. Or maybe he just felt like things were moving too fast. I mean 3rd time seeing each other and you meet his mum AND he meets your friends. The only way to know what's up is to ask him to see you in person, then ask him where you stand with him. if he can't give you a good reason, then don't waste your time. You may be stressing over nothing, just wait til you get an explanation.

    • Thank you! And what is so weird, he sent me a text the other day saying how his MOM asked about me and blah blah. But he is so into his FRIENDS, I think he wants to be in a relationship with his boys!