Big fight with boyfriend - now who calls first?

My Boyfriend and I planned quiet night at home last night and had big plans for today/2night with our mates - doing things separatism. anyways on the way home from work we had a big fight in the car and none of us were backing down. it was about how he speak to me etc. anyways we got home and he was like stuff this I am going out I don't wanna put up with this. I said to him well you wanted to go out all along and now your using this as an excuse to get out! anyways he got all done up and just as he left our place I said to him if you leave then don't come back. he didn't have much to say..anyways that was yesterday it is now 1 day later and I haven't heard from him. I am tempted to call but I don't think I should have to b the one to call! he walked out on me after all ! so there has been NO contact on either side. My Q is should I call him to see what is happening or just wait it out? I hate waiting! but I don't wanna b the one to come crawling!help! anybody...
Big fight with boyfriend - now who calls first?
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