He hasn't contacted me for a week. I need some serious help people!

So I've been dating this guy ( online dating) I've met him twice..and he's awesome and I really like him but now well tomorrow he's leaving for a year..and yes I'm so sad but he's a douche at the moment..he hasn't contacted me for a week and last time we talked he asked if he could stay at my place but I said no..so maybe that's why he hasn't said anything to me ? but today he's in town and tomorrow as I said he's leaving..IF he doesn't contact me today to meet up with him so he can say good bye should I just delete him from my facebook and MSN ? I already deleted his # because I was so mad at him..


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  • I just had someone leave for a year too. But he wanted to spend every last minute with me.

    My cousin (whose a well travelled guy) gave me some great advice. He said that when men travel they tend to become very void of relationship emotion, because they know they are leaving. I can promise you them leaving doesn't get any easier at all.

    I am not going to say whether to delete him or not. Or to not attempt to stay in contact, but do whatever makes you the happiest. If your happier trying to keep in touch do it, if you want to cut him off do it, if you want to cut him off and explain to him first why, that's fine too.

    But either way you have to accept he's leaving, and I think if he doesn't contact you just because you said no to staying over (firstly good on you, secondly) that's completely unfair.

    If he doesn't say goodbye, I think you should, but goodbye doesn't always mean forever.


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  • Let it be.. le it be.. let it beeee

    Dont be so mad.. life is so much cmplicated when you become mad for those simple things.. ask him wtf is going on.. if its not what you expected.. flush him... what's the big deal.. he's an online guy.. Wtf where you expecting

    • Because we had something

      we always talk and hang out

      and he even told me he likes me and all

      so I do like him alot..its not so creepy as it might sound like

  • Depends on where you see it going, maybe he will come back or stay in touch or maybe he was just interested in hiting and leaving it..

    • He didn't "hit" anything :)

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  • It's done! Delete him and move on