If a guy you barely know texts you at 2am on sunday morning, ya think that's a booty call?

He just got my number last weekend. He originally asked me to hang out this past friday night and I said I would have to see how court goes on friday morning (about my kids visitation with their father). So at court, I found out that their dad was going to get them the whole weekend for the first time, and my 20 month old is still nursing and has never been away from me so I was pretty upset about it. So I called him and told him how I was feeling about it and that I needed to take a rain check because I wouldn't be great company. I said maybe saturday night but that he should call me and let me know what he's thinking. he never called. He knew that this weekend was my first weekend without my kids overnight until sunday night. He had no clue that I was planning on going out on saturday night. but when he texted me at 2am on sunday, I happened to be out dancing with my girl friends. He said he was at a club downtown too and asked if I wanted to go somewhere after I left the club I was at. I accidentally texted "we are at luc", which makes no sense lol. he texted back "ur NOT serious, if you wanna meet and stop playing, you know my number good night". I said back "i mean to say we are at club ***" he was like "what?". (what is confusing about that? lol) he said "and? you wanna meet me after?" ummm no I am not going to go with a stranger at 2am, alone! so I texted him back "im going to a friends house after sorry, if you want to see me, come here". he never texted back! wtf? so 45 mins later (3am), I texted him "i didn't mean to upset you but to be honest, I feel like you want a booty call. I'm not for that." no answer. so the next day at like 2pm (yesterday), I texted "guess I was right". LMAO. what an asshole. sounds like he just wanted some ass, am I right?
If a guy you barely know texts you at 2am on sunday morning, ya think that's a booty call?
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