She dated men in the past that I do not respect.

Men only please women can answer but be nice

OK well there is this girl. she's beautiful. however she dated men in the past that I do not respect. I didn't ask the extend of the relationship but to assume she didn't f*** them is to be stupid. well I'm having a hard time taking her seriously, she likes me and I like the way she looks because she's super hot. my question is could you be with a girl that's f***ed men that you wouldn't even be friends with


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  • Almost every chick you date will have been with guys that you don't want to know or wouldn't be friends with, I wouldn't want to date a chick that has been with my friends before. Why does it matter that she has been with guys you wouldn't be friends with?

    • Well if a guy isn't good enough to be your friend then how is good enough to have f***ed your gal

    • She's not f***ing him anymore, she's f***ing you so why does that matter if he wasn't good enough for you? Guys don't choose who women decide to date, and plus the past is in the past, you can't change the past so deal with it. Are not going to date her because she dated some loser guy before?

    • Thats what I'm leaning towards.

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  • I will still be with the girl that had sex with men I didn't respect.

    My understating is that your mad(even I will be mad) because, who can that Mother F@%r have had this fine ass girl and shouldn't have even been able to have here.

    It's just normal reaction(feelings) in men, when we find out that they were with other men, especially with some bastard that didn't even deserve her in the first place.

    But the most important thing is that you have her know and that she loves you.

  • I could if she is hot...

  • I have to say, unless she is still f***ing them, or close friends with them, I would take her as she came, as she is right now. She likes you, not them, they should no longer be in the equation anymore. I wouldn't mind.

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    • I would

    • Then don't man, if you don't feel right about it, you don't have to.

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