Are first impressions that important?

I've noticed about 80% of the time my first impressions of people are wrong. Once I get to know them I see really who they are.

So why is it that "women decide in 3 seconds whether or not they will date you"?


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  • this is like judging a book by it's cover kind of discussion...

    usually I like to raed the back of the book and see if it is interesting -not just focus on the cover

    as for the 3 seconds they decide whether they will date you?

    I guess you can start that off by like, if they smell bad and wear bad clothes

    -first if you smell bad and wear dirty clothes or clothes with gang related things on it... and you want to date a nice college educated girl who goes to church... she will probably rule you out and walk away... acting shy or what not (just saying it is highly possible because of your offensive shirt or what not... and offense smell).

    -Usually though girls would have a check list of what they want in a guy

    For example my check list went some thing like this: does he respect me, does he have a job, does he respect others, is he overall nice, does he have a college education, is he around my age, does he like the kind of things I like, does he have good hobbies, if he smokes-will he give it up, does he drink or not, what kinds of books/movies/music does he like, etc

    if his answers to these questions are good (this usually takes about 2 months-not 3 seconds) then I'll decide...

    if you don't like the women who judge you in 3 seconds because you think that they are too shallow, then don't date them. good luck


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  • idk. When I first met my boyfriend before he was my boyfriend, I didn't immediately think I was going to date him. It was only when I began to talk to him more that I began to really like him and became more attracted to him.
    I don't think all women decide in 3 seconds whether or not they will date guys.


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  • from personal experience I find that that 3 second rule is bull. I had a funny situation where I made a bad impression with a girl I just met, and she eventually dated me after I showed her I was a trustworthy, confident, and fun person. people generally won't let some snap judgement about someone take the place of experience.