Is he over me and just stringing me along as a safety net? Am I reading the signs right?

We used to be crazy about each other but that was when I lived two hours away from him. Now that I am in the same town he:

Rarely makes an effort to see me

Talks to me every day but typically just a "whats up" text and then ends the conversation, and it's typically only late at night.

When I try to hang out he says he's tired and is going to sleep

Gets mad at me for stupid things really easily

But when we are together... It's so fun, we are laughing, talking, kissing, touching...

Is he over me and just stringing me along as a safety net? We aren't dating and he has made it clear that he doesn't want a girlfriend right now, but we have been "talking" or whatever for the past three months..


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  • If you want more, let him know. He may ignore you because he feels that he is being smothered. Why was there so much passion when you lived two hours away? He didn't have to see you everyday. His passion for you built up and when he needed to release it, he could. After that passion is gone, he can go back to to his daily life without worrying about you since you live two hours away.


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  • I think he going through some hard times( not because of you), and that's way his acting that way.

    But when you guy's get together he starts being fun, is because your the only thing that makes him happy at that moment (We guy's get a surge of energy when we see somebody we like face to face).

    Try finding what's going wrong with him or try asking him what going on with his life that's making him act that way.


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  • casual relationship all the way. don't be hanging on waiting for him to call. do your own sh*t and don't pick up his calls or answer his what ups but then plan something fun and end it with a night of crazy sex or making out but then don't see him for a few more days. if you guys are young its probably what he's looking for. its not that he doesn't like you ro isn't interested but realistically no guy wants to settle down ages 18-24. it degrades them, they need a chance to feel like something to be desired and that they have options. so just be the best option but don't let him be your only option.

    Don’t beg for it. Don’t text or call without response more than once every 3-6 days. Hang out with people he knows, and people who know the two of you hang out. When his buddies say they saw you- innocently lookings SMOKIN’ in that yellow dress- doing something chill (at a BBQ, walking the dog, smoking a blunt, ROLLING a blunt [even better] ) hell think of you in a way where he feels his friends would be impressed to see you with him, then he’ll want to bring you around more instead of doing things without him. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT hang out where you know he’ll be, you still want him to call you, remember?