Hanging out with my ex boyfriend?

Today I'm hanging out with my ex, we've been broken up for 2 months and this is the first time I've seen him since.

My question is, if I want him back, and I want him to think about getting back together with me, what should I do? How should I act? What does work? and what doesn't?

His perspective is pretty negative about even going to see me, I'm hoping to lay his fears about me to rest, because we were together for a year.


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  • You can't make anyone want to be with someone else, even yourself, so cast out the thought of making him think about wanting him to be with you. You can only show him that you are interested and hope he picks up on it, you cannot make him feel the same.

    If you try to make him think about getting back together with you and if you force your feelings and what you want on to him, he may have the opposite reaction and think about cutting off all contact altogether.

    If he's having negative feelings about even seeing you, then you need to make that your priority. Do not think about wanting to be with him, and do not think about making him want you back. Even though this is much easier said than done, try not to seem all that interested in him. You need to show him that there is nothing to be negative or worried about if the two of you meet up. Show him the two of you can meet up and have a good time, and that what's done is done.

    Patience is key when it comes to wanting to be with an ex, either in a friendship or relationship. If you force your feelings on him too quickly, he may want to distance himself from you before you even have a chance to try anything. Try to maintain some sort of friendship with him, and then after a while try some basic flirting to gauge his reaction to see if he is interested. If you try too hard he will know, and if you force your feelings onto him, he'll probably react negatively to it. It's a delicate situation so try to treat it delicately and carefully.

  • You have a year of history to overcome in a lot less than that.

    You mention ``his fears about me''; it appears that you're (rightly) taking some of the blame.

    You won't cure this in a few hours.

    If you don't change, you'll have a rough time with most guys. You probably won't want ones that don't give you a rough time. They'd have no self-respect.


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