My crush doesn't want to go out with me because he doesn't like the people I hang out with?

He told me this about 4 days ago & I was devastated to the point where I was crying my eyes out while running laps in gym. We had talked about going out all summer & made it definite that we would as soon as this year started & I even asked his friends if he was going to but he told me that & he didn't say that to his friends. I've been really p*ssed for the past 4 days because even though we planned & we like each other, now he wants to turn his back on me & act like we're complete strangers. It hurts a lot. The only thing I do now is sit & listen to sad music to help get rid of the anger & hurt. I'm almost over him & I like someone new now but every time I listen to *forever & always* by Taylor swift, I start to cry because we actually had something good & I thought it would work out. My friends said he was an @sshole & he didn't say anything back to them but I just don't know how to get over him. I'm wondering if maybe he just did this because he lied about wanting to go out with me. To me that's hard to believe because of all the things he told me over the summer but if he did it would WAY more hurtful than what he just did 4 days ago.


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  • that is a really shallow reason for him not to date you, unless your friends with terrorists. that said getting over certain people is hard but it will get better with time.

    • Yea I'm not friends with terrorists just that the people I hang out with aren't popular.

    • The guy is so not worth your time, the much more interesting guys are the unpopular ones