Is it okay for a guy to have liked 2 of your friends and then all of a sudden you?

well here's the thing. this boy first like one of my best friends . they never really dated but they had a thing for awhile I guess. they stopped liking each other though. next he went to another friend and asked her if she like him. She said no. So then he went back to the first girl. He used to always ask me for advice, so id try to help him out. The girl he was going after didn't like him anymore. and he knew this. I basically told him the best idea is to move on. So then like a month later he says that he like me... I sorta feel like the rebound girl? should I feel like that or is it understandable for him to go from friend to friend? because I understand that it took him awhile to get to know me.

and by the way this guy is a good friend to all 3 of us... but he first became friends with the first girl. she then sorta introduced us to him . so then he became me and the other girls friend too.
ive seen a lot of guys act like this? is it normal?


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  • Lol it just sounds like he's tryin to get laid. Can't really call him a player, cause he doesn't fit the profile. He sounds like a little kid who's just horney and is trying to get nething he can. sad really. If I were you I wouldn't really waste your time with him.

    hahaha sry for being so blunt, hope it helps. take care and good luck. Hit me up if you need more feed back.


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  • he's either a player or desperate. he just wants a girl period, any of you will do. do not feel flattered by this guy or go with him because he obviously is just going from girl to girl probably in hopes of hooking up.