Is it awkward to date your older brother's friend?? HELP! =]

So me and my brother are a couple years apart and me and his friend have a connection but we're not doing anything about it. We still see other people, but its always US TOGETHER which makes us both happier. I don't know if I should just come out and say it that I like him (might put us in an awkward position) or just leave it the way it is.

And either way is it awkward to date my older brother's friend? =/

-would it put my Bro in an awkward position?


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  • Most guys enjoy knowing that somebody likes them, it makes them feel strong/manly (on an animal level - the 'alpha male' effect is definitely still around). If you and your big brother are close, the best thing to do would be to discuss it with him first, and explain things like how long you've liked his mate, and the way in which you like his mate. If your big brother is cool with it, then talk to his mate. A lot of guys believe in the 'bro code', commonly summarized by the phrase 'mates before dates', meaning if the mate is good friends with your brother, he won't go near you (the 'date') without clearance from your brother (the 'mate') first.

    Things are only awkward if you choose to let them be awkward. I split with my ex-girlfriend in February, and yet we still hang out, joke and laugh. It's not awkward for us, despite what we shared.

    I say, if your big brother is cool, or mostly cool, go for it. After all, it's going to be you it affects more than it's going to be him.


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  • Um...It's an E. Does not apply.

    You and your brother have a separate relationship with his friend. (We hope)...

    Tell him you like him. It can't have any bad effects, and probably will make him happy.

    Don't worry about your brother's relationship with him. If it's good and stable, it shouldn't matter.

  • It will be alright just don't keep your brother in the dark. The best thing you could do is have a talk with your brother first than see what happens.


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  • It probably will. If you're really close with your brother and you get along, I'm sure he'll be okay with it. Either way though, it'll probably be pretty weird for him.. Especially when he invites him over for a guy's night, and you're there, you know?

    Good luck!

    • The thing is that we already hang out time to time, and he seems to be OK with that.

      and ya me and my Bro are pretty tight. he is really protective, but at the same time gives me lots of space, and he says he needs to give approval about a guy before I get serious with him...

      What to do What to do....?


    • I say talk to your brother about your thoughts. Sounds like a good idea to me :)