It's been over 4 days, she didn't call or text me. What I should do?

I have a girlfriend for 6 months, we love each other, she loves me so much, whenever we fight, she never says sorry, 5 days ago we had fight, I know it was my mistake, but after one hour I phoned her and said sorry, she replied you don’t need to say sorry, everything has been finished, but next day she text me hi, I replied (why you text me when you have finished everything?) After this now it’s been over 4 days, she didn’t text or call me, I love her so much I want her back but I want her to say me sorry because every time I say sorry.. I want to mention some important things, whenever we meet, she always gives me gift, and always says me, I love you so much, I can't live without you, I want to spend my whole life with you, etc. Now where is she? Where is her love? What I should do now?


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  • First of all, correct your grammar because you speak like a 5th grader.

    Second of all, grow your balls back and let the b*tch go. That's pretty much what she's become. If she texts you again and wants to see you, tell her to go f*ck herself.

    Trust me - be a jerk. She deserves to be sh*t on since she's out of line.

    And get this 'we love each other' crap out of your head. You've lost control of your emotions and have turned into a girly boy for doing so. WUSS!

    Drop of a hat, she's sleeping with a new guy. I know for a fact that you'll be jealous about it, but what you should be doing is going out and finding new girls. That IS, after you find your balls again and start acting like a masculine alpha guy.

    And never say 'sorry' to a girl. NEVER. When I am inclined to insult a b*tch, it's because she was being one.

    • Dude today I had phoned her, she replied, I wanted to call you but I didn't, after the hearing this, I got mad, because she wanted me to chase her

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    • ...go talk to new girls that you're attracted to, and get their numbers. Invite them to hang out whenever you go out and do something fun. If they don't come around, their loss. They missed the opportunity to see how much of a fun guy you are. When a girl wants you, she'll chase you.

    • Thanks dude no doubt you are amazing person.

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  • Maybe she feels let down because you sent her a message saying "why you text me".

    She sent you the 1st text sayin "hi" after your had a fight because she prob misses you and she didn't expect you to react in that way. So she prob feels hurt and kinda rejected so she's not calling you back so that you can call her back.

    Somtimes people are stubborn and they won't really say sorry.. just talk to her and say that she hurt you and it upsets you a lot wen you both fight and what made you mad with the things she did. Say that you feel she never says sorry and you always do. Be open with her. But if she doesn't say sorry in the doesn't matter. If you guys can be together and stop the fights then it would be great. :) xo


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  • First, I need to know about your fight.

    • She wanted to talk me on phone at night, but I had selpt ,that was the reason of fight.

    • Millions of people get tired and fall asleep. She should understand after a hard day of work or school or activities, you get tired. It's not a big deal. You apologized to her, and that's all you need to do. Anymore action from you is ridiculous. Ask her if you want to hang out and continue your life. If she still doesn't answer, tell her to f*** off, it's over!

    • Today I had phoned her, she replied, I wanted to call you but I didn't, after the hearing this, I got mad, because she wanted me to chase her