She still is in love with me but she doesn't want a boyfriend and has asked for space.

OK I just had a text convo w a ex that I have been hanging out with recently and having a very good time with...she doesn't want a boyfriend right now but more just freedom (fine w me)...anyways the text convo I could tell she was annoyed and she started using periods after her sentences and being grammatically correct...i know she was annoyed but could this mean that or something else...She still is in love with me but she doesn't want a boyfriend and has asked for space. I'm givin it to her but later in the day she would text/call me so wtf you know

when were hanging out she says she could do that forever but I think she wants to see "what else" could possibly be out there. we are 22 so were young ya know and adding I'm her first love I get where she is comin from because that's how I felt w my fir


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  • ok I had the same thing happen with my boyfriend, and its like the other person wants to leave you hanging on their thread, rather than be with you completely. she obviously doesn't want a commitment with you and if she was in love with you it wouldn't be like that. dude my boyfriend did the same thing to me and I dropped his ass seriously. you can do better than her. wouldn't you rather have a girl that's absolutely in love with you AND wants to be a in commited relationship? there's something wrong there. if you never cheated on her and nothing else went wrong then somethings not right.

    • Well she doesn't want to lead me on and has said so. There isn't any type of trickery going on or anything were at least honest. I was her first in everything but she wasn't my first love and I know she makes me feel like no one else can that's why I feel so strong about her. Yet, she hasn't been in love w any1 besides me and its making her curious and confused I guess. Its not about being in a committed relationship I think, its more reassuring her feelings are actually is in update

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